Silver Medal at the European Championships

Written by Annelous Lammerts on September 30, 2023

    A month after the Worlds we were already competing again at the Formula Kite European Championships in Porthsmouth, UK.

    After a sunny lightwind 21m session on the first day that we arrived, the weather completely switched 180 degrees and a big storm passed by. After 3 days of non-stop rain, many of cups of tea, games and waiting the weather finally cleared up.

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    The next 3 days we had great wind for racing and managed to 4 or 5 racing every day before the finals on Sunday. I managed to qualify in 4th place for the finals, which meant I was the first seed in semi-final B, having a small advantage over the other 3 competitors in my heat.

    The wind was good for 11m kites, it was a bit choppy but the harderst part was a lot of seaweed in the water. Even though was the same for everyone, it was not easy to deal with and gybing or reaching with seaweed on your foil was really tricky.

    Gisela Pulido won the first heat in my semi-final, just overtaking me in the last reach to the finish line. For her this meant she secured her Olympic Qualification, so a big congrats to her. The second race I managed to take the win after again a really tight battle, which placed me with the final four battling for the medals.

    The first race of the final I had a good start and I managed to built a big lead on the number 3 and 4 in the race, but Ellie who was in first kept extending on me during the two laps. This meant I was about the secure the bronze medal, but in the final reach gybe Ellie crashed which left the oppurtinity for me to take the race win. Which meant we had to do another race to determine the winner of the event.

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    podium european championships formula kite kitefoil

    In the second race it was again Ellie Alridge who lead the race from quite early on, and this time she managed to take home the win and therefor the gold in her home country. I ended up with sliver, the bronze medal was for Poema Newland and 4th place for Lilly Young.

    It was amazing to finish the competition season on such a high note, competing for the medals with the best kitefoilers of Europe. There is still a lot of work to do, and after a little break we will go full send into our winter training.

    Thank you all for your amazing support this year.


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