Sicily – with Lous

Last month I went to the @ProKite Alby Rondina center in Sicily and had an amazing time! The center is located right on a huge lagoon with flat water, perfect for freestyle but at the same time one of the best places to learn how to kitesurf. We also went to discover some spots right outside of the lagoon for wingfoiling and had the best food every single day. If you want more info about where to stay, check:

Using gear from @Cabrinha Kitesurfing: @Dakine:

Filmed by: @Laci Kobulsky

Grazi Raggazi for the good times, can’t wait to go back there.

Let’s grab the Bike!

Since I moved just outside of Scheveningen I love to go to the beach by bike and thanks to Reacha I can now take all my wing, kite or surf gear too. I’m using the Reacha Pro, which has extra big tires so you can ride it on the beach too!

Check out all the bike trailers on and if you are kitesurfing around Scheveningen send me a message if you want to try it out!

How to Jibe Wingfoiling – with Lous

Have you been getting into wingfoiling and do you want to learn how to gybe? Check out my new tutorial and let me know if you have any questions. If you are still learning how to ride, check out my other video “How to Wingfoil – with Lous” on YouTube and make sure to subscribe for more videos in the future!